Empire Node

Empire Node is an upcoming conference by the industry for the industry.



Ratter will go live in September. But the look is already solid.


RIP Ramones

With the passing of the final founding member of the band I took some time to memorialize the the most badass band ever. They invented a genre and influenced the masses with out ever having a number one hit.


In your face logo

Recently got asked to do a really in your face logo. I asked “How in the face do you want it?” My client responded by saying like a pair of brass knuckles. So that whats she got. Ghostbuddha Coming Soon.



This years sculpture was a complete 180 degree turn from last years design. Dino-mutt (a.k.a Buddy) was more about embellishment than graphics. We decided to push the envelope this year and took a saws-all to Buddy. With his sleek smooth car like finish and the bright red paint. “Dino-Mutt” makes quite the statement on main street.


Thank you

A Thank You card to Massimo Vignelli.

Minimalist Movie Reviews

tom-run-01I have been doing these minimalist movie Reviews with Animal New York for some time now and as simple as they are they can be very challenging. This one is Tom Cruise running in “Edge of Tomorrow”.


Showgun Warrior

This is a mock up of what later became a corrugated cardboard die cut. This piece was design for an art show called “Autonomous: robot inspired art” and was given away as a prize for the best robot print done by one of the many students of Speakeasy Art and children in the community.


Print Is not Dead

I recently had the opportunity to design and print a 16 page tabloid newspaper for the people over at JSconf. So print is not dead!


Leo. Boom.

Why did they destroy this work of organic architecture in such a violent way. The media exposure?